FAQS – Distance Marathon/Half Training

Frequently Asked Questions About Our "Distance" Program

Thanks for your interest in In Flight Running!  Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Distance marathon/half marathon group run coaching and training program.  If you have additional questions after reading these, please chat with us live using the chat window to the right, call us at 713-523-2577 ext.2 or e-mail us at info@inflightrunning.com.

Marathon/Half Marathon "Distance" Program - FAQs

Yes!  In our 13 year history, we’ve had great success getting many first timers trained up and finishing their first marathon or half marathon with confidence.  We welcome runners of all paces and skill levels and meet you where you are with your running and progress from there.

Yes.  We offer race training schedules for beginner, intermediate and advanced level runners for any races that are held during our marathon training season late May through late February.  Also if you are gunning for that elusive Boston qualifying time we know what it takes to improve your chances of a Boston qualifying time.

We keep registration open until we hit our 250 member cap or July 31st, whichever comes first. When in doubt register early to assure a spot on the team before training starts in late May.

We don’t have formal pacing groups but at the beginning of the season, we do group runners together by their current long run pace.   We base each runners pacing on current race times or a 1-mile time trial if they have not raced lately.

We do not coach and group runners based on a race goal. Instead of assuming a runner can run a certain race time months before the actual race we meet each runner at their current fitness level. We recommend racing at shorter distances during the season to so each runner can get a good estimate of what their true paces for training and racing at various distances.  We can’t look into a crystal ball and promise anyone a goal race time early in the season but with proper training, following a race schedule and making pacing adjustments along the way we give our runners a better chance of reaching realistic race goals and reducing their risk of injury.

No. The biggest difference between marathoners and half marathoners is the distance of their training runs leading up to their races and the total weekly mileage on the schedule. During Saturday long runs we launch the entire group and try to match up runners by the pace and distance they are running.  We will always have marathoners and half marathoners in the group that may be training at the same pace so we don’t want to cheat anyone out of the opportunity of running with someone who is about the same speed.

Meet times for long runs during our regular season (May thru Feb) is 5:45 AM with a 6:00 AM run start time.  Meet time for spring long runs (late February thru mid May) is 7:00 Am with a 7:15 AM run start time.  Most long runs originate from the Corner Bakery Cafe on Yale Drive.  Once every other month we run from the Fleet Feet Rice Village store.  A couple of times during the season we plan Saturday, long run road trips to scenic Houston area running trails at Seabrook/Kemah and Wes Houston’s Terry Hershey Park.

We offer a great variety of over 250 long run routes inside Houston’s 610 loop and Southwest Houston.  Routes are carefully designed to be safe, prevent boredom, experience a variety of inner loop neighborhoods and running trails and run on a variety of surfaces (concrete, dirt trails, asphalt etc.) to minimize the risk of injury.

Yes. Training schedules are included with all of our group run coaching programs.  We provide you a training schedule for any race and race distance within the season you are enrolled in. Many of our runners train for and race multiple races within a season.  For example, a runner may train for an October race like the Chicago Marathon, recovery and then train up for the Houston Marathon in January with the same marathon training season.

We offer 3 different training levels for our Distance program so runners can choose a program that best fits their running goals, schedule, and budget.  All tiers offer the same core benefits but the interval training tiers add 1 or 2 additional group workouts per week to improve running form, speed and race times.  The weekend package offers group Saturday long runs only.  Inteval 1 adds your choice of a morning Monday track or Wednesday hill training session. Interval 2 adds both track and hills each week.  If you have questions about what tier is best for you we recommend calling Coach Michael at 713-523-2577 ext. 2 to discuss.