FAQs – Launch 5K/10K Training Program

Frequently Asked Questions About our "Launch" Program

Thanks for your interest in In Flight Running!  Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Launch 5K/10K group run coaching and training program for beginners.  If you have additional questions after reading these, please chat with us live using the chat window to the right, call us at 713-523-2577 ext.2 or e-mail us at info@inflightrunning.com.

5K/10K "Launch" Program - FAQs

YES!  Launch is designed for pretty much anyone at any fitness level. We welcome pure walkers, walk-runners, entry level runners, beginner runners or runners returning back to the sport after a long break, pregnancy or just wanting to get back in shape.  The program offers 7 different levels of 5K and 10K training schedules to fit anyone’s current fitness level.

In Flight Running meets you at your current fitness level and builds from there. We also try to team participants up with others in the group that are at the same fitness level, running or walking skill level and pace per mile.  Members are very welcoming and coaches are always out on foot running or walking with the group. Plus we really foster a team environment so everyone feels welcome from the very first workout.

Since Coach Michael has been a certified fitness trainer for 20 years and a running coach for 18 years he has very good awareness on where to start with each member. When you join the Launch group you complete an online questionnaire that lets us know where you are with your fitness and running, your goals, previous injuries etc. so we can put you on a training schedule that will meet you at your current fitness level and gradually build up your endurance from there so you reduce your risk of injury.   We take a very realistic approach to running and challenge you to move to the next level only when you are ready for it. Plus you get full access to Coach Michael and his team of coaches so you are always learning during workouts. If you have questions about anything during your training program just call or email us any time.