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Interested in improving your athletic performance and being a faster runner? Have you hit a plateau in your training program? Would you like to take the “guesswork” out of proper pacing and intensity levels needed for improved running and race times.  Are you unable to lose weight in spite of how much you exercise?

With a simple 20 minute test, we can determine your unique metabolic profile. Metabolic testing is routinely done with Olympic and professional athletes and with this technology runners and everyday exercisers can also benefit from it too.

Using the results from metabolic testing allows runners and exercisers to train scientifically, knowing exactly which intensity levels to train at to achieve their goals using of just guessing.  Fine tune your weight loss, improve your cardio fitness, decrease your body fat or run a faster 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon using your true heart rate zones.  This testing is appropriate for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, from the beginning exerciser to the marathoner, ultramarathoner or triathlete.

When you complete a VO2 Max test with In Flight Running:

You will know your VO2 Max.
VO2 max is considered by exercise physiologists to be the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness. Your body consumes a fixed amount of oxygen for every calorie that it burns. The Cardio Coach calculates the amount of oxygen you consume by measuring the volume or air you exhale and the concentration of oxygen in that air. An exercise regimen based on true VO2 max is essential to effective cardiovascular training.

You will know your Anaerobic Threshold.
Your body has an intensity level, or threshold, below which it can supply adequate oxygen to your muscles. This threshold is called your anaerobic threshold, or the threshold above which exercise becomes anaerobic. The higher the intensity you train, (near your anaerobic threshold) and still stay aerobic, the more calories you will burn with a higher percentage of those calories coming from fat. That is why one of the main goals of cardiovascular training is to increase your anaerobic threshold.

You will know how many calories you burn at different heart rate ranges.
The Cardio Coach report includes a table showing how many calories you burn at every range of heart rate during your test. With this information, there is no need to rely on crude estimates of calories burned which is usually provided by the treadmill, bike, elliptical trainer or electronic device.

You will receive ‘Training Zones’ based on your physiological parameters.
Individual heart rate zones are established for recovery, endurance, and interval training based on your test results and goals. These training zones are much more accurate than the age-related heart rate charts we’ve been using for years. Interval training raises your metabolism after a workout and keeps it elevated longer than any steady state workout.

You will receive a printed report with results and your new cardio training program.
Your testing results report will include training zones and a suggested training program. If you are a runner, Coach Michael will relate these training zones to your current running schedule so you know what pace or intensity to run each day of your training week.  

Other Benefits of VO2 Max Testing Include:

  A systematic training method, which leads to, enhanced athletic performance, faster times, improved recovery, avoidance of over-training, and more effective weight loss training.

 Increased motivation to workout as your training sessions will have variety and be results oriented.

 Education about how to train “smarter, not harder!”

Pre-Test Preparation For A VO2 Max Test
To get accurate VO2 Max test results the test requires:

  • Being recovered from your most recent workout
  • Getting a good night of sleep the night before the test
  • No exercise the day of the test prior to the test
  • Performing the test when you are injury free so your test performance is not hindered

RMR Testing Cost

  • $125.00 purchased standalone
  • $185.00 if bundled with an Resting Metabolic Rate test – Recommended – Save $20.00
  • Additional discounts are available for active In Flight Running members & Merlino Fitness clients. Ask Coach Michael for details.

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