FAQs – Training

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Training Programs

Thanks for your interest in In Flight Running!  Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our programs and services.  They are sorted by category.  If you have additional questions after reading these, please chat with us live using the chat window to the right (include your email and phone # in case we miss you), call us at 713-523-2577 ext. 2 or e-mail us at info@inflightrunning.com.  Thanks and we hope you join our training team!

Training Program FAQs

YES!  We welcome beginner runners who are just getting started with the sport.  If you just started or are returning to the sport after a break, we can help.  We do not offer a walking program so we do recommend being able to do some run/walking before you start one of our programs.  If you are a true beginner we would start you on a program to train for a 5K or 10K race. In Flight offers 4 different levels of 5K and 10K training schedules to fit anyone’s current fitness level.

Since Coach Michael has been a certified fitness trainer for 21 years and a running coach for 19, he has a very good awareness on where to start with each member. When you become an In Flight member, you complete an online runner profile that lets him know where you are with your fitness and running and what your running goals are.  You start with a running or race training schedule that meets you at your current fitness level and gradually builds up your endurance from there.  We take a very realistic approach to run coaching but also challenge you with workouts and group runs that will move you to the next level.  Plus as a member, you get the professional coaching and the added support that is lacking in many group running programs. If you have questions about anything during your training program just call or email us anytime.

In Flight Running matches you up with members who are at your current skill level and pace.  We also have coaches and mentors on foot that run with our members during training runs. Our members are very welcoming and we really foster a team environment so everyone feels welcome from the very first workout.

Yes!  In our 14 year history, we’ve had great success getting many first-timers trained to finish their first marathon or half marathon with confidence.  We welcome runners of all paces and skill levels, meet them where they are with their running and help them progress from there.

No.  We run and manage the group as one team during group runs.  We do match runners up with others in the group by pace and the distance they are running.  The biggest difference between training for various race distances is the recommended, weekly mileage on training schedules.

We do not coach and group runners based on a race goal. Instead of assuming a runner can run a certain race time months before the actual race we meet each runner at their current fitness level and progress from there.  We recommend racing at shorter distances during our Spring Season or early in our Prime Season so each runner can get a realistic estimate of what their true paces are for training and racing.  We can’t look into a crystal ball and promise anyone a goal race time early in the season.  With proper training, following a race schedule and making pacing adjustments along the way we give our runners a better chance of reaching realistic race goals, reducing risk of injury and racing far better than what they may have expected.

We don’t have formal pacing groups for all paces but do group runners together by their current, training paces when they come on board.   We base each runners pacing on their current race times or offer them a 1-mile time trial to help them determine a pace to start with.

Yes!  We offer race training schedules for beginner, intermediate and advanced level runners for any race distance from the 5K to marathon.  If you are not interested in training for races and just want to run with us that’s OK too.  If you have real, BIG goals like gunning for that elusive Boston qualifying time we know what it takes to help you get there.

Yes!  Training schedules are included with all of our group run coaching memberships.  We provide you a training schedule for any race and race distance from the 5K to marathon during our training seasons.  Many of our runners train for and race multiple races within a season.  For example, a runner may train for an October race like the Chicago Marathon, recover, and then train up for the Chevron Houston Marathon in January within our Prime Season.

Sure!  It’s pretty simple.  We split the year up into two training seasons: Spring & Prime.  Our Spring Season is 1/3 of the year at 14 weeks and runs from late February through late May each year.  Spring is more laid back as many are running less weekly mileage, building or maintaining a base, or improving pacing.  Our Prime Season is 2/3 of the year at 38 weeks and runs from early June through late February each year. Prime is when many of our long-distance runners ramp up mileage to get ready for fall and winter races.

We keep registration open until we hit our 300 member cap or August 31st, whichever comes first. But do not charge late registration fees for sign-ups after June 2nd but we do not prorate membership fees if you come on board after our June 2nd start date.  You should register prior to the start date to get as much training as you can with your membership.  When in doubt register early to assure a spot on the team before we reach our member cap.

Meet times for Saturday long runs vary based on the time of year.  During our 14-week Spring Season, we start at 7:00 AM for the first 7 weeks and then shift to a 6:30 start time as the weather warms in late spring.  During our 39 week Prime Season, out start time shifts to an earlier 6:00 AM start as the heat and humidy increase and the miles build during the summer and fall.  Tuesday evening runs start at 6:30 PM year round.

Most Saturday, long runs originate from the Corner Bakery Cafe on Yale Drive in the Heights.  Once every other month we run from the Fleet Feet Rice Village store.  A couple of times during the season we plan Saturday, long run road trips to scenic Houston area running trails at Seabrook/Kemah and West Houston’s Terry Hershey Park.  Tuesday night runs rotate to various inner loop park and bayou trails.

We offer a great variety of over 300 long run routes inside Houston’s 610 loop and across Southwest Texas from the 2 to 23 mile distances.  Most original from inside the loop including street running and trail running along Buffalo and White Oak bayous, Memorial Park, Hermann Park and the Rice University.  Routes are carefully designed to be safe, prevent boredom and experience a variety of inner loop neighborhoods and trails.  Routes are run on a variety of surfaces (concrete, dirt trails, asphalt etc.) to minimize injury risk.