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Welcome To In Flight Running!
Houston Run Coaching - 5K, 10K, Half Marathon & Marathon Training Programs

2014-15 Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program Registration Now Open!
Choose Your Race Goal - We'll Get You Ready!

Early registration for our our 2014-15 marathon & half marathon training season is now open. Training starts on Saturday, May 31, 2014. Pick your goal races and we provide comprehensive on-line training schedules, great coaching and support to get you to the finish line line of your next race.

In Flight now offers the longest, continuous marathon training season in Houston at 40 weeks. Train for the Houston Marathon/Half, the early fall series races of major races (Chicago, San Antonio, New York, Marine Corps DC etc.) or winter races (Dallas, Vegas Rock n Roll, Houston, Miami, Sugarland, Woodlands, Austin, New Orleans RnR, Fort Worth etc.) Our long, 40 week season allows beginners to build a solid running base and veteran marathoners to train for earlier fall races like New York City and Chicago and run multiple races within the same training season.

Want to learn more about us get your questioned answered by owner/ head coach Michael Merlino? Then register for a free online live webinar where I review the In Flight program and answer viewer questions.

To Learn More About Our Programs Check Out This Info Webinar


  • Call us at 713.523.2577
  • Email us at info@inflightrunning.com
  • FAQs - Check out some frequently asked questions by other runners about our programs
  • Register Now - Ready to get started? Register before April 30th and save on all marathon/half marathon training programs. Limited discounted membership available so sign up while they last! We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days of our program so you have nothing to loose!

"No Boundaries" 5K/10K Training Programs For Walkers & Runners
Group Runs/Walks - Thursdays 6:00 PM Fleet Feet Rice - Saturdays 8:00 AM Memorial Park
12 Week Spring/Summer Season Starts On May 1st
Register Here While Spots Remain!

In Flight is thrilled to be coaching the only dual 5K/10K training program in Houston called "No Boundaries". No Boundaries is sponsored nationally by New Balance shoes and Fleet Feet store. It is a 12 week training program for runners and walkers of all skill levels who want to train for a 5K (3.1 mile) or 10K (6.2 mile) race.

The purpose of the program is to introduce participants to the benefits of the sport of running, o encourage healthier lifestyles and also help runners of all skill levels take their running to the next level. “No Boundaries” offers 6 different training schedule levels from 5K walkers to 10K intermediate runners who are looking to improve their fitness level, lose weight, get back into shape or tackle that new personal record (PR). The program has been featured in Runner's World Magazine, Self Magazine and Family Circle Magazine as a great way to jumpstart a fitness or running program.

"We are thrilled to be coaching this training program for Fleet Feet Sports Houston", commented In Flight coach head coach, Michael Merlino. "This will allow true beginners to learn the sport of running from experienced coaches. For those who are already experienced runners it also give them the tools to take it to the next level and improve race times. No Boundaries is also a great starting point for those who want to get back in shape or build a solid running base before tackling the half marathon or half marathon distances." We highly recommend No Boundaries as prerequisite training for In Flight's marathon and half marathon training program.

For more information or to register on-line check out the links below. Registration for our upcoming spring/summer season is now open and is capped at 75 participants so register today to reserve your spot on the team. If you have questions about No Boundaries email us at info@inflightrunning
or call Coach Michael
Merlino at 713.523.2577.

To Learn More About The No Boundaries 5K/10 Training Program Check Out This Info Webinar

Visit The No Boundaries Houston Website For More Info

Register For The Fall Season Now - Training Starts Thursday September 11th

About Our Training Programs
Our Our mission Is Simple ... To "Take Your Running To New Heights"!
Whether you want to learn the sport of running from the ground up, take your running to the next level or earn that elusive Boston qualifier, In Flight Running can help. Our coaching programs offer a fresh and fun approach to coaching runners. Learn the sports of running, build confidence, lose weight, get fit, and improve running speed, efficiency and performance. We focus on coaching runners to run smart to mimimize injury risk. Race training schedules are designed for runners of all fitness levels to prepare them for the marathon (26.2 miles) and half marathon distance (13.1 miles). Specialized training is also available to help runners prepare for a Boston Marathon qualifying time or compete in local road races.

If you are a pure road racer at shorter distances (5K, 10K etc.) or just want to become a faster runner, our hill and speed training programs will help you improve your pace, run more efficiently and help you shoot for that next personal record (PR). These week day interval training workouts are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners so you get the training you need without risking injury.

If you are not training with a race goal in mind our program is a great way to meet new friends, run with a group and learn how to be a better runner. Professional coaches help you with the latest, research-based running techniques and programs available and run with the group during weekly long runs, track workouts and speed training.

Since we started our program in 2004 almost every one of our runners who has toed the start line for their goal marathon or half marathon has made it to the finish line. Most of our experienced marathoners and half marathoners have completed their races with personal bests while many of our first timers have enjoyed respectable races and reached the finish line injury-free.

In Flight Group Run Coaching & Training Programs Include Many Benefits
We think we have some unique benefits lined up for our participants. Here are the highlights of what is included in our run coaching programss. The benefits below may vary depending on the training package.

  • Weekly Saturday Group AM Long Run
    The staple of all endurance training, most of our long training runs originate at our meeting place at Memorial Park. You will never get bored running in our program as we have over 265 routes built in the Greater Houston area. Locations include the Memorial/Tangle Wood area, Houston Heights, Downtown Houston, River Oaks, Montrose, Rice University Campus, Hermann Park, University of Houston Campus, Terry Hershey Park, Kemah/Seabrook trails and Huntvsille State Park trails. Each long run includes coaching during your run with manned water and Gatorade vehicles every 2-2.5 mils along each running route. routes are accurately mapped out using GPS technology with route maps and turn by turn directions emailed to members each week.
  • Weekly Member Open Thursday 6:00 PM Fleet Feet Rice Store Run
    All members are welcome to join us for a group run from the Fleet Feet Running Store in Rice Village for a 3 - 6 mile run around Rice University & Hermann Park..

  • Running Program & Schedule(s) For Every Runner
    Each participant receives electronic, online training schedules for the goal races they want to run during the season. Our training schedule system emails runners daily to let them know what is on their training schedule for the next two rolling days. This year training starts on May 21, 2014 and continues through February 21, 2015. We start 4-8 weeks sooner than most Houston programs to allow fall marathoners more than enough time to prepare for October and November races and give beginners extra training time to build a solid running base.

    Plan on running a Fall or Winter Marathon like Chicago, New York, Marine Corp, San Antonio, Dallas or Honolulu? No problem. We have schedules designed for all Fall or Winter marathons and half marathons through early March. Pick your races, get comprehensive training schedules and train with our group to reach your race goal.

    We also include which days we recommend to do strength training and cardio cross training.

  • Weekly Route E-mail/ Newsletter
    Our weekly e-newsletter includes our game plan for our weekly Saturday long run, club news, recommended local races, running tips, articles, upcoming In Flight events and more.

  • Private FaceBook Group
    All members on FaceBook are invited to participate in our private, membes only FaceBook page. This has proven to be a great way to communicate with members, share articles and local running news and allow members to create small training groups within the group to train with each each other during the week.

  • Free Cotton "In Flight" In Training T-shirt
    Available in a Gildan brand unisex 50/50 cotton/poly design

  • Free Brooks Tech T-shirt or Tank
    Available in both men and women's styles. Choice between a Brooks T-shirt or tank.

  • Long Run Road Trips
    Variety is the spice of life and we have found that our runners really like mixing up training locations to prevent boredom. So we vary the training location and terrain throughout the running season and take an occasional Saturday long run road trip. Long run roadies may take you to the soft trails of Huntsville State Park north of Houston, Kemah and Seabrook's ocean view running trails, West Houston's wooded and hilly Terry Hershey Park, Conroe's rolling hills and more. All of our long road trips are designed to prevent long run boredom, experience various running trails across the Greater Houston area, have fun and still get some serious training in.
  • Recommended Races To Prepare For the Houston Marathon & Half Marathon
    We are big believers that runners need to practice running in a race environment and at varied distances throughout our training season. Long distance runners can still benefit from shorter races at the 5K & 10K level. Road racing is a great chance for every runner, regardless of skill level, to take their new skills and current fitness level for a test drive every few weeks and get an "offical time" for their efforts. Every time you run a race you learn new racing strategies and get more comfortable running with a crowd. Getting official race times on our runners at shorter distances (5K and 10K) also gives us more data that we can use to fine tune each runner's pacing, coaching and race goals. .
  • Free Monthly Seminars & Workshops
    There is much more to the sport of running than meets the eye. So we offer free monthly seminars from Houston’s top fitness and wellness professionals. Learn the latest training techniques, injury prevention strategies and nutritional info from fitness trainers, podiatrists, sports chiropractors, therapists, dietitians and running experts.

  • Meet New Friends
    Long distance running is truly a team sports. Most people are not going to knock down a 20+ mile long run on their own. A great way to hold yourself accountable to your running goals is to run with others while under the guidance of coaches who know what it takes to get you to the finish line. Our group is very diverse with runners from all age groups, experience levels and walks of life. You will meet new friends and find your own others to train with that are about your pace. Our group programs give you the chance to hang out and train with others who love the sport of running and be coached by people who live and breathe it. We love running and we want you to have as much fun as possible every stride you take during each group run..

  • In Flight Annual Group Events & Happy Hours
    Talk shop with your running peeps and meet others you would not normally run with during group runs at our monthly Houston area happy hours. A great way to talk a training time out and connect with others in the group. In Flight is a true training program but like to keep a clubby feel also.

  • 20% Welcome Coupon - 10% Ongoing Member Discount on Running Shoes & Apparel From Fleet Feet Sports
    Our lead sponsor, Fleet Feet Sports Houston, is Houston's original running store has 4 convenient Houston locations (Rice Village, Voss/Woodway, Kirkendahl & Woodlands locations). Shop & get fitted with experienced staff who truly know and are passionate about the sport of running. Members get a 20% off welcome coupon to gear up at the beginning of the season and enjoy an ongoing 10% off all all stores during our training season

  • Marathon & Half Marathon Training Programs
    During our 40 week training season we offer four levels of marathon/half marathon training options. You choose the mix of running services you need based on the amount of time you can commit to training, where your interests lie, your personal running goals and your budget.

    "Excel" - Marathon/Half Marathon Program - May 31, 2014 - Feb 21, 2015
    Sat Long Run Support + Unlimited Weekly Speed, Hills & Strength Training
    40 Long Runs - 3+ Workouts Per Week - 72+ Weekday Workouts ( speed, hills and strength training workouts)
    Cost: $525.00 - $475.00 if registered before March 16th - Save $50.00!
    Our most comprehensive package includes a weekly Saturday long run along with your choice unlimited hills, speed and strength training workout during the season. Pick and choose any combination and time slot you want each week.

    "Essentials 2 " - Marathon/Half Marathon Program - May 31st - Feb 21
    Saturday Long Run Support + 2, Weekly Speed, Hills or Strength Training Workouts
    40 Long Runs - 2 Workouts Per Week - 48 Weekday Workouts ( speed, hills or strength training workouts)
    Cost: $445.00 - $395.00 if registered before March 16th - Save $50.00!
    This package includes a weekly Saturday long run along with your choice of 2 hills, speed or strength training workouts per week. Pick and choose any combination and time slot you want each week.

    "Essentials 1" - Marathon/Half Marathon Program - May 31st - Feb 21
    Saturday Long Run Support + 1, Weekly Speed, Hills or Strength Workout
    40 Long Runs - 1 Workout Per Week - 24 Weekday Workouts ( speed, hills or strength training workouts)
    Cost: $365.00 - $315.00 if registered before March 16th - Save $50.00!
    This package includes a weekly Saturday long run along with your choice of 1 hills, speed or strength training workouts per week. Pick in choose any combination and time slot you want each week.

    "Weekend" - Marathon/Half Marathon Program - May 31st - Feb 21
    Saturday Long Run Support Only
    40 Long Runs - No Mid Week Speed, Hills or Strength
    Cost: $265.00 - $215.00 if registered before March 16th - Save $50.00!
    This package includes the essential long run support for those that can only commit to weekday workouts. This package still offers more than enough to get you trained up and ready to go for your goal races.

  • Speed & Hill Training Workouts - Bought Standalone Without Long Run Support
    Speed and hill workouts are bundled with our Excel, Essentials 1 or Essentials 2 packages below or can be purchased a la carte without long run support. You don't have to sign up for one of our marathon/half marathon training programs to purchase on the interval training packages below.

    Speed/Track workouts on soft trails or a 1/4 mile track are essential for improving speed, turnover and running form. Speed workouts are designed for both beginners and advanced runners with varied workouts for each skill level. Speed workouts are held on the outer trail of Memorial Park and high school and middle school tracks inside the 610 loop. Speed workouts are held on Mondays at 5:30 AM and 6:00 PM.

    Hill workouts are a great way to increase power and strength in both the upper and lower body. The strength gained from hill training increase power, turnover, speed and pace. Hill training dramatically improves cardiovascular endurance and prepares runners for the long marathon/half marathon training season ahead. By mimicking the terrain runners will experience on race courses we not only make them physically stronger but mentally prepare them for the challenges they will face on a race course. Hill workouts are designed for both beginners and advanced runners with varied workouts for each skill level. Hill training is primarily held on the hills of Buffalo Bayou between Shepherd Drive and the Sabine bridge on the edge of downtown Houston. Hill workouts are held on Wednesdays at 5:30 AM and 6:00 PM.

    "Summer Intervals 1" - Speed/Hills - June 16th - Sep 3rd
    1 Workout Per Week - 12 Weekday Interval Workouts ( speed or hill workouts)

    Cost: $95.00

    "Summer Intervals 2" - Speed/Hills - June 16th - Sep 3rd
    2 Workout Per Week - 24 Weekday Interval Workouts ( speed and hill workouts)

    Cost: $155.00

    "Fall Intervals 1" - Speed/Hills - Sep 15th - Dec 3rd
    1 Workout Per Week - 12 Weekday Interval Workouts ( speed or hill workouts)

    Cost: $95.00

    "Fall Intervals 2" - Speed/Hills - Sep 15th - Dec 3rd
    2 Workout Per Week - 24 Weekday Interval Workouts ( speed and hill workouts)

    Cost: $155.00

    "Summer/Fall Interval Combo 1" - Speed/Hills - June 16th - Dec 3rd
    1 Workout Per Week - 24 Weekday Interval Workouts ( speed or hill workouts)

    Cost: $175.00

    "Summer/Fall Interval Combo 2" - Speed/Hills - June 16th - Dec 3rd
    2 Workouts Per Week - 48 Weekday Interval Workouts ( speed and hill workouts)

    Cost: $275.00

  • Full Access To Your Head Coach
    A group run coaching program is not worth much if each individual does not have full access to coach. This is even more important for beginners so we offer full access to head coach, Michael Merlino. So if you have questions or want to talk running strategy feel free to book a conference call, coffee talk or live webinar during our training season.