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In Flight Running member Michelle Stanley completes a video gait analysis on a treadmill. Michelle used feedback from this analysis to improve her running form and help her run a new marathon personal best at the 2016 DC Marine Corps Marathon.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Nothing like a clear visual view to help illustrate a point.

A coach can easily explain and illustrate needed running form improvements but sometimes that’s just not enough. A runner has to literally see what they are doing while running and have it broken down into detail to show where their weak links lie and how to improve them.

Video gait analysis performed on a treadmill or a 400-meter track allows a runner to see what they normally do not see: a snapshot of their current gait or motion while running.

Here’s how it works.  First I shoot raw video of a runner or walker from the 3 angles (side, front, and back view).  Then I take that raw video, watch it, analyze it, make detailed notes of gait abnormalities and areas of improvement and create a summary video of what changes are needed to get closer to optimal gait and running form.

In the summary video, running or walking form is broken down in details by telestrating where weaknesses lie.  This is done by highlighting areas of the body, drawing illustrations and angles and slowing down the video into a frame by frame breakdown to show a runner exactly where they need improvement.  Our members and clients who have invested in this service see improvements almost immediately.  Once a runner is visually aware of how their current gait looks like they can start working on recommended gait adjustments right away.

Each video gait analysis service includes shooting the raw video, producing a summary video with recommended improvements and a 15-minute phone call or video Skype call if needed to answer questions.

You don’t have to live inside of the Great Houston Texas area to benefit from In Flight’s video gait analysis.  If you live outside of Houston, we can give you instructions on how to shoot your own raw video from a smartphone or tablet and upload it to us online so we can analyze it for you and email you your video results.

RMR Testing Cost – $95.00

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