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Coach Michael Merlino here.  I’m the Founder & Head Coach of In Flight Running.

We’ve been around for 13 years coaching and helping runners here in Houston Texas on improving their running and getting race ready. If you live in the Greater Houston area we would love to have you on the In Flight Running Team learning the sport of running or training for your next finish line.  We welcome runners of all skill levels.  With an In Flight membership, you can train for any distance from the 5K to Marathon level, get the awesome support you need, meet and train with fellow runners who love to run and receive the professional coaching and personal attention you need and deserve to succeed with the sport.

Beyond group and one on one run coaching in the Houston area, we also offer online coaching.  So no matter where you roam on planet Earth,  you can tap into our run coaching services.

Take our website for a spin, explore our running programs, check out our free resources, follow us on social media and subscribe to our free email news & updates.  If you have questions while browsing the website, look for my pop-up chat window to the right and fire away. If I’m online I will answer your question almost instantly. If not, enter your email address and I will shoot you a response back within one business day.

For a rundown of our most popular Houston and online training programs for runners, check out the info and links below.  Thanks for stopping by!

Coach Michael Merlino
Founder, Head Coach
In Flight Running
“Make the miles count!” TM

Spring Training Season – Houston – February 24 – May 26
Early Register & Save Through January 31st!

Our 14 week Spring training season is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn the sport of running or an easy way for more experienced runners to maintain or rebuild their base for the major training season ahead.  The  Spring program welcomes runners of every skill level and pace who need the support and coaching to improve. Just run with the group or train for any race distance from the 5K to the marathon. 

Group training runs are offered twice a week on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings at locations inside the 610 loop close to downtown Houston and surrounding trails.  

The Spring season is also a great way to build your running base before training up for your first half marathon or marathon finish during 2018 or to run the Houston Marathon/Half in January of 2019.

For more information on our Spring program check out the links below. Register before January 31st and save during early registration!  Have questions? Then enter your email in the chat window to the right.  If we are not available we will email you back to set up a quick phone chat to answer your questions. Or you can call us at 713-523-2577 ext. 2 or email us at info@inflightrunning.com.  We hope you join us!

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Primary Training Season – Houston – June 2, 2018 – Feb 16, 2019
Registration Closes July 31

Our 38 week primary training season will help late May and runs through
mid-February 2019.  You choose the 26.2 and 13.1-mile races you want to train for and we’ll help you get trained and ready with supported Saturday long runs, interval training track and hill workouts and online training schedules accessible via a smartphone app. Train for our hometown Houston Marathon/Half Marathon or any other marathon or half marathon on Planet Earth right here in Houston.  For more info, program benefits and cost check out the links below.

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In Flight International Run Team – Online Run Coaching Group
Join Now For Free During Our Pilot Program!

Join our new online run coaching program for free during the kickoff of our new pilot program.  The In Flight International Run Club is a worldwide, membership-based, online running community led by Houston Texas based Running Coach & Fitness Trainer Michael Merlino. The group offers coaching on training techniques, running form, race strategy, nutrition, weight management, strength training, flexibility, injury prevention, improved performance, overall health, nutritional guidance and more. The foundation of this diverse group of runners is built on a private Facebook group and includes daily coaching posts, live & on-demand video training and weekly coach Q & A sessions.  To join now and be a part of this free, pilot program go to the link below and sign up today!

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