Our Favorite Gear

In Flight's Recommended Running Gear, Gadgets & Nutrition

Check out the running gear below that In Flight Running highly recommends.  These are products we love and use ourselves or notice that I lot of our members are using and benefitting from.  Items include links for more info or to purchase at Amazon.com or other online retailers.  


I didn't run and listen to music much until recently because I never liked messing with wires when I was running and phone arm holders just never worked for me and threw off my arm swing. Not too mention in Houston unless you are on enclosed trails it can be dangerous running on streets with earbuds because it's tougher to hear the traffic and sounds around you.

But when I was introduced to the Trekz Titanium wireless headset I was hooked! No wires, easily syncs to any smart phone in seconds and are much safer since the earpiece gently sets over your ear not inside it like earbuds.  Holds up well with about 6 hours of playtime per charge.  Highly recommended for those solo long runs!


The classic FlipBelt is a comfortable running belt alternative to running armbands or belts that don't fit all your things and bulky running pouches that bounce as you move. The FlipBelt is specifically designed to sit flat and securely on your hips without bouncing or riding up. With no buckles to pinch or cause uncomfortable chafing, simply pull FlipBelt Classic on like a pair of pants, place over or under clothes, and easily slide in your stuff through the multiple openings around the belt.  

A  favorite of of many of our members during long training runs.


When I was training for the 2014 New York City Marathon here in Houston it was one hot summer. I experimented with many gels, blocks, beans etc. but many of them did not have enough sodium to complement whatever sports drink I was taking down during long runs.  Gu's Roctane gel solved this problem for me with one of the highest sodium levels for gels on the market at about twice that of most gels.  I like the lemonade flavor because it has the highest sodium amount of all Roctane flavors at 180 mg.