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When you’ve been coaching runners for 18 years like we have, over time many of our Houston area runners have relocated to other cities worldwide.

And when they get used to training with our Houston running family they really miss the coaching and camaraderie of training and racing with our group.

Even though those who move away are no longer physically able to train with the group, with new technology anyone outside of the Houston area worldwide can be coached over the internet. Born out of runner requests, we have started offering both personal and group on-line run coaching services.

With personal coaching, we assess each runner by having them complete a detailed runner profile online. From there we design an online training schedule specific to each runner’s goals and races they have on their calendar.

But unlike many online coaching services we don’t solely rely on email communication. That’s way too cold and impersonal in our opinion. We have found it very important to communicate with our run coaching clients at least weekly via phone or a live video streaming service.  Just as if you are sitting down with your coach and talking running strategy over a cup of coffee.  Video chats also allow our coaches to explain running concepts by using screen capture to pull up and discuss training schedules, review running web resources and have that real eye to eye contact that truly maximizes communication and drives the point home.  Each coaching session can also be recorded so our online coaching athletes can review each coaching session later if they want.

With most online 1 on 1 clients, we recommend a weekly, 15 minute Skype call to check in, review and make adjustments to the training plan and discuss other things like injuries, training techniques, recommended pacing for every training run, nutrition, flexibility and more.

 Inquire about online personal coaching by completing this form & checking the “1 on 1 online run coaching” box.  Coach Michael will contact you within 24 hours to discuss and get you started.